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Sometimes all we need to do is just rest in God. We strive, but His grace is enough.



A young woman was crying and screaming in agony, grabbing her skin in painful force destroying her beauty. She was begging for a chance to have freedom from her illness, a chance to escape her contagious disaster.

She knew she was slowly dying, and she knew time was running out.
One rainy night in her town, the critters disappeared and all that was left behind were some shapeless brown leaves on her tiny tree in her backyard. Although her eyes were sunken, brown beneath her lines of helplessness, she attempted to smile at her tiny tree, but her lips were too dry to move without arousing pain. Her illness was so destructive that it left her bones frail and curved and she could not possibly spend so much time on her feet glancing at her tree. But, somewhere within her sunken eyes a spark of joy exposed itself. She smiled at the rain and darkness because she saw beyond it, beyond her dry leaves. The rain and horrible darkness were heavy but misleading. The young woman reached out to feel the cold rain drops, but felt different, new. She looked toward the sky, saw a light and closed her eyes.She did not understand this event, it was night time yet it was bright around her.
She calmly opened her eyes only to realize her skin was new, her garments were as white as the clouds and her shoes were gone. Falling on the ground, she raised her hands up and shouted to the Lord in gratitude. He delighted in her and gave her life.

It is like that for many of us, we are sick humans caught up in a dark world, dying. We must look toward the sky even in the darkness, to God and have faith even if we do not understand why. God will reign and overflow us with his Grace and Love. He will lay his healing touch on his children and always protect them.

It was like that for me, my being was dying.

I died, and God gave me life.

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