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Sometimes all we need to do is just rest in God. We strive, but His grace is enough.


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Good afternoon my sweet dandelions! I have been receiving emails as to why I have not updated on blogger or LiveJournal and I will gladly tell you why. First and foremost, I am really focused on my relationship with God. I am at church every Friday night and Sunday afternoon. The Pastor also gives us bible lessons every Wednesday so I am busy and very excited.
I am still in the Mock Trial Team so that takes up most of my Saturday and hopefully Friday's, depending on what the president says. Speaking of Friday, I work at Bobbi & The Strays so I am busy in the morning.
Of course, the semester has not ended so I am in school during the week.

So you see my floral delicacies, I am busy, I do have a life and I will always make sure it is the best possible. God had blessed me in so many ways and I know he has blessed you too. If anybody would like to share any delightful stories please feel free, send it by email or blogs, or give me a call.

This is irrelevant but, Halloween is this Monday. I will not take part of it. As a Christian, I will not take part of any worldly, satanic celebrations. I feel really odd because my sister wants to come to my house with her kids to take them out. I can not tell her to stop this, because she is not a Christian and I know how hard it is to stay away from these events when the world makes it seem normal. I was there once, but now I know. It is difficult to convince somebody without getting in depth. It has been said, when you open your door to satanic celebrations, evil enters your household, I believe this. I know I can not stop my mother from opening her door for kids, but it really hurts me. However, I know by staying away as best as I can, only better can arrive.

My Lord is worth it all and I will try my best to obey and respect him always.

BTW. I might be getting baptized soon so woohoo! I am taking my classes with my pastor, Steve and his mother. I do not know if you get how important it is to be saved or not, but it is beautiful. There is no age to get baptized, you have to conscious. I have so many beautiful testimonies and beautiful blessings in my life, it is overwhelming. If you have a problem, just remember Jesus loves you and knows you. His help is just a prayer away!

You have to break from the pack, get out the system, enter the narrow path. God bless my beautiful dandelions!

Mathew 7:13 Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it.

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