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Sometimes all we need to do is just rest in God. We strive, but His grace is enough.


"King of all the universe, we love you and we come to you now"

We need you this very hour.

I am so fed up with people not understanding what it means to worship Jesus. People are blinded by circumstances and traditions. Let go! Only a few are privileged, I am privileged.

The one thing I truly dislike is disrespect to my King and insults.

I do not celebrate today's satanic event, I DID before when I was stubborn, but not again. I simply can not believe it. It seems impossible that this family will ever change. I know NOTHING is impossible for God, beginning and end. I have faith and I will wait but it hurts too much. I had to stay in my room in order to hold the pain, this is a test. I know today is one chance for Satan to drag people to him but he is nothing compared to Jesus.

Satan will not get to me. I belong to Jesus!

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