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Sometimes all we need to do is just rest in God. We strive, but His grace is enough.


4/25/12- all

My love, my dear creation, how can you be so numb?
So very dead upon the pastures of love I have spread before you?
Why, why do you weep on my palms?

Am I truly your only God, or have you given MY throne
To somebody else?
To a pleasure?

Do you call to me in gratitude or in agony- in agony
When you remember me?

Do you realize, my love, that the day and the hour- I control

My love, I only want to love you and bless you,
No longer seeing stains, not one thing remaining the same,
but, my child, you have to be willing to
let go

You need to seek me wholeheartedly, not with a heart that cradles pride and feeds ignorance

You so easily speak about me, and my love, but you have neglected me

You have neglected my warm embrace for the cold world and your past

Just hold on, I have told you what to do, my love,

I chose YOU--

Do you even care at all?

Do you even believe my promises that I will never leave you nor forsaken you?

You continuously seek poison in your life even when you know it destroys you, and you feel it- oh yes, burning down your throat, but you do not trust me enough to surrender

If you are thirsty, weary, burdened come to me, speak to me, I will give you rest, in me you will find life.
You know this, you have indeed heard this already, yet you place yourself in the arms of destruction and receive his poison

You drink the poison, and it burns you,
You think nobody loves you, or even cares for you,
but, my love, I am your creator,
I know exactly what you need, and who you are
You can not hide from my love

You claim that you know I am coming back soon,
but you simply act like I will ne'er return!

Surrender, and cease the mendacity
What you are going through- is nothing.
I am the great I am and I will save you,
guide you and protect you

My love, I wake you up every morning,
I bless you with every breath, every heartbeat--
with every drop of blood flowing through you, I made you

He who believes that Jesus is the son of God overcomes the world, so why do you weep?

My love, you must hunger for me in order for me to feed you, you must thirst for me in order for me to give you a drink.
If there is no space, if you are filled with pride, anger, hatred--
you can not even forgive, how then can I fill you?
The world will strip you, and wound you,
but I will clothe you, and with my gentle touch restore you,
I will take care of it- just allow me in

I will respond to your prayers o destitute souls, I will not despise your plea
I hear the groans of the prisoners and release those condemned to death.
Why do you complain to me that I do not answer, for I do speak-
Now one way, now another- though man may not perceive it

My child, open your eyes, soften your heart and I will place my sweet love in you
I will cover you in my feathers, and under my wings you will find refuge

Open your door my love, give me a chance

My love, do not hold back.
Fall in my arms, I will restore you,
Heal you and renew you, I am faithful

Surrender and I will take care of it all
Spread your sorrows before me,
Believe- and you will find life

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  1. Shirley... I am speechless. This poem reflects EVERYTHING I am going through right now... Oh My God, may the Lord bless you and keep pouring out on You heavenly words that would heal people's hearts. Te Quiero Mucho!!! <3 ;)