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Sometimes all we need to do is just rest in God. We strive, but His grace is enough.


That sinking feeling is not far behind

"We need you to come and save us"- Aaron Shust

Well hello sweet muffins! I am about to go to sleep, but I just want to say I am so thankful. I used to get upset thinking about the college I am in now, I managed to only think of useless days. I was so wrong. I have met amazing people and have build new "families". It is an amazing feeling. Also, The church, Bellerose IPUL where I go has been a true blessing, another reason to praise Jesus! Tomorrow I am going out with the church's youth group and I am super excited! I am so unworthy of his grace. Jesus is my savior and will always be. As Shust says, "he has assembled all our broken, shattered pieces more beautiful than I know. . . Long live the King". Amen.

"When I fall, when I stumble I struggle to my feet, just to find Grace is lifting me!"

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