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Speech Demonstration Project?

Well, I have it. I have the answer I have been looking for. I do not like to work with children. Today we (Speech class) went to St. Robert Bellarmine to give our presentations. Helena, Merzie and I worked on The Shinnecock Indian Wampum Jewelry. We had plenty of shells, beads, wire, elastic bands and more creative utensils for the kids. Although it was an amazing success, by the end of the day I realized working with children is not my thing (I will stick to adults). Well, less of this and let's proceed to my day. . .
Throughout the presentation, the children were focused and kept smiling which gave me the impression they had an interest in the project. When we did individual work with the students, they were just so excited and were hopping everywhere like bunnies. It was so cute and productive! Not to mention the joy of the Teacher and my Professor. . . too excited and thankful. It is a Catholic school, so my mates and I had to be careful with what we said but it was splendid. They had fun and so did we, as College students approaching younger children, it was truly a blessing to get work done. I honestly thought it would not end so well, with less cooperation but I was wrong. It was truly a blessing!

By the time we left, all of us who presented took a few photographs and it was so fun. For the first time, my classmates felt like a family. It is weird to describe but, I kind of like it. I guess I underestimated my mates.

Well, I am so blessed and thankful, I wish I could write more but I do not want to bore you so have a good night my lovely readers! Stay blessed!

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