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Always loved

Stuart Ryan Santana III will always be remembered and loved.

Some people say guinea pigs are "rats". NO. My little Stuart just passed away, well yesterday at 5:00 A.M., he died from pneumonia. My poor baby suffered, and no medication would help, it was too late. He was not any ordinary cavy, he was my boy. Aside form guinea pigs being completely different than rats, Stuart was the sweetest cavy I ever had. God blessed me with him and gave me wonderful memories with him.

I remember when I brought him home. Michelle & I went to pick up "a cute albino guinea pig" to make company for my Twinkie (my female cavy). I recall Michelle making a funny noise when she saw how big he was hehe, I was so overwhelmed with happiness, I thought he was the cutest little cavy ever! I carried him and automatically knew he would make my girl and I happy. That day, I prepared his little hut and pillow, his bedding, food and all and watched him with such love. He was so scared and I was so excited to have a new family member, I tried all to make him comfortable.

This morning when I woke up, I was discontent for a while. Stuart would normally be ready and squeaking when I got up from my bed and walked toward him. He would walk up to me and sniff me and run toward the bag of food squeaking. He wasn't there today. I knew I should not be sad because he is in a better place and it is a blessing to always Rejoice in the Lord. Eventually, I got over this and went to check on my other pets with warm love.

(Animal loss mentioned) I have lost two sweet cocker spaniels and a baby sparrow before. . . they were so dear to me. Now, my little Chewy is gone (nickname). He as well as all the rest will always be loved and remembered. All I know is, "it is better to give than to receive".

Twinkie Cheeks is so lonely now, but I will try my best to make her feel happy.

I just really wanted to share this, I was extremely sad and yes, I did cry, but I know he is no longer suffering and was with me as a part of God's plan. I believe it was part of His plan, the changes The Great I AM gives me and blesses me with. Ah Love! Even though they are animals, I care for them and love them. Somehow, this also helps me remain a veg kid, I can't help it. Animals mean so much to me, and Stuart was a true gift of joy. This post sounds very dry, but I would rather not expand on my loss or I might get sad again. Thank you for understanding.

:') R.I.P Santana III

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