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Sometimes all we need to do is just rest in God. We strive, but His grace is enough.


Elephant Gills

The dementia upon beloved boy's hand
Asphyxiates mentality, nearly claiming victory

Is he thirsty?
Is he empty?
                               From long ago?
                Perhaps he left his bosom's warmth?

I ONCE saw his ears, colossal.
A wise ogre of invention.
My mind was blown away,
elevated with ooze!

He howled and I smiled
Creature kept hostage in gayness upon midnight,
Even the pure shine of daylight?
Delighted me to a toxic level that the gate broke

Ponds formed, a stomach in pain of exhalation
Overwhelmed by an appeal of strange validity

The journey tracing gills,
Flapping wide,
Fondled apathy
Whaling, watching

The local landscape is aging under the snow


It is as if his insanity leaves,
The meal must be dropped to depart
With cold,
Rubber feet

E l e p h a n t g i l l s
soothing . . .
will form in time

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