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Sometimes all we need to do is just rest in God. We strive, but His grace is enough.


Thirsty, empty?

It is because of you that my heart can rest,
Beat, pulse out joy
Glorify with the gifts I am blessed with
My veins spill out the truth
Fortitude, peace
Sanity, satisfaction

You are the reason the sun shields
All creation, your creations
Your colors, unlike others
Display a profound beauty
So intense I can feel my very soul
Hatch an end to disappointment

I have sensed you before
Everywhere in fact; guilty
Now, I worship your name my Lord

Your divine throne is blessed, blessing
Every carnal mold to nourish the internal love

Glory to you, My King
Glory to you, my God

All your children rest with the ever lasting quench
My Father, I shed my gratitude in tears of spiritual victory

I love you, because you have always loved me

From worldly nations, to spiritual birth
I ask that there be praise to you
The waters indeed last, to those who seek

The quiet waters I reside by

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