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A day with Adam

Today was very atypical. . .
During my class, it was a bit boring. Reviewing materials that seem meaningless right now, but will hit me soon enough to cause "reason". So it went on, 2 hours. I noticed a weird persona in my Professor's voice and glare when he changed topics, it is really kind of ominous, and it grabs this cord of strange wonders from the students (I hope it is not just me.) Afterward, I went with Jessica to the bus stop, and got on, a splendid ride, whatever. . . so as I walk toward Adam once I got off the bus, I could not help but notice his hair grew back, so there I am, all excited of his fuzzy hair and plaid shirt, just walking with a smile on my face.
I had not seen him in quite a while, so it was more than great hanging out with him again and having momentous dialogues.
We went to Starbucks and bought some demon iced coffee that completely disintegrated my mind. . . I felt nauseous, lightheaded, and all this other unnecessary crap due to the sugar accumulation I experienced. I warned myself in the morning not to consume any sweets, since I have not had any unnatural sugar in over two months now, but I was apparently being stubborn. So anyhow, we bought coffee, then we headed toward the Zoo.
In the Zoo, I had a great time just watching all the strange folks there, and all of those little critters wandering around. We did however, leave early due to my horrible experience.
F.Y.I: I do not eat sweets AT ALL, so I had a freak episode.
We left the Zoo, it was getting too packed and hot, so we headed back toward Main St.
We eventually went to the library, and it was really soothing. I was no longer feeling hallucinatory flashes at this point.
Today was odd, with the episode, but I had a superb time with Adam, and he might come shopping with me tomorrow so yay!
W.E, so I just felt like sharing this guys! I will possibly post something really random later, but who knows.

Enjoy this image of him, it makes me laugh all the time,

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