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3 days

Rhys passed away a few minutes ago.
    I had fallen asleep for approximately 5 minutes, the next thing  I know, I go check up on the baby sparrow, and it was cold. I picked it up, crying, not wanting to believe what just happened, until I looked at it's throat, it appeared to be purple. I assume he chocked to death, he originally had a blocked crop but I searched help and a remedy was given accompanied by gently massaging the crop. Unfortunately, right now I am still crying, understanding how cruel a human is, thinking they can replace a natural mother, God knows I tried, I did not intend on hurting it, I did not want to. Nature is itself. Humans can never replace that, I do not know what came over to me  to think he would survive with me, I guess it was all of those success stories on orphaned sparrows and starlings.
    He was 3 days old, I found him on my roof when I went out to fix the window. He had fallen off, and he was right in front of my dad who showed me him. I did not know whether to take him in or let him die out because there was not any nest in sight, but now, it doesn't matter too much. I tried, 3 days, to keep him alive and I did. Even if it was not a month, a week or anything like that, it was more than 1 day and I feel accomplished, although sad, I will always love this experience and Rhys, even if I didn't know it like that, this was a blessing I will always love and think about when I see sparrows and great sights.
    I will always remember picking him up, heating him in my palms and feeding him carefully after he chirped and opened his beak for food. I stayed up all three nights to feed him when he was hungry, watching him to make sure he was safe, and to simply admire such a lovely creature. This is the strangest feeling I have have all year, I felt so close to a creature I cared and watched for only 3 days, as ridiculous as it sounds to some of you, I watched him grow, more than I thought was possible for a sparrow. I will miss him dearly. This experience has taught me to love nature more, to keep my vegetarian goals stronger, and to watch how nature works without judging the treasures done.
    Humanity kills nature, a beautiful thing. As my beloved passed dogs, Bobby and Candy symbolize to me the love of a human to creations, now Rhys joins them. I do not care if you think I am a cry baby for crying over a baby sparrow, but it can not be comprehended how much love I feel to such things, they mean way more to me than you think. We are all animals, we have to love one another, especially if they are in need of help. I tried, I really did, but only God knows why.
R.I.P: Rhys, my orphaned sparrow <3

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