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Working women.

So today I had to work again and well this time, I met someone very interesting.
I met a Greek woman named "Helen" , much older than I am. She was not what I expected, at all. She is a teacher at a high school nearby my home, she teaches ESL and English. Her personality, well... it was wonderful. She for one, is a very lonely woman. No family at all, no pets, not many friends. Very sad and tired. Although upon her face you could see sadness of loss of actual warmth of dialogue, you see wisdom.
During work, we were speaking about my interest in Ancient Greece, myths and labor observations. She suggested plenty and we had a small conversation, personal. Although we didn't exactly know each other, I felt glad. She definitely needed attention to release her emotions, and well my mother & I were there for her.
Next time we go to work and see her, we're going to be ready to speak again.
My mother also realized this sweet woman, that needs serious attention.
I am looking forward to speaking to her again, and for some reason, I have a really great feeling that she is a blessing and great things will occur due to this encounter.
If anything, it was nice to meet her.

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